Going forward.... and back

I'm trying really hard to get back on the horse with blogging. Not only I am trying to go forward, but I am trying to go backwards at the same time. My pictures are always dated, so I am going to try to post the appropriate days backward. It may not have all the fun quips the kids says, but it will be recorded. This blog is for my kids. I want them to have these memories. So, I am going to try to tell them about my childhood, and theirs too! I will have "Memory Monday" where I will write about my childhood. "Throwback Thursday" will be about things that were popular or in style when I was growing up. Dare I say, I actually had an idea for Wednesdays, but I already forgot it? I guess it's good that I am writing things down.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Where I came from

This is where I grew up.  The small yellow farmhouse in Minnesota.  The house looks the same.  This picture was taken August of 2011.  The grass maybe a little greener.... That tree was a baby tree when I was younger, with a small corner flower bed around it.  It seemed so big when I was little.  My memories of it are so vivid.  At least so I thought. My bedroom was on the second floor on the left.  I shared it with my sister.  The playroom was in the middle on the second floor.  It was more like a common area in between the bedroom, where we hung out and played.  My brothers room was on the back right, second floor.  My parents was on the back right first floor.  Kitchen on the left first floor, and the family room was in the middle and living room on the right.  It had a basement too.  Completely unfinished cement basement. Used for storing things, canned goods etc. We had 7 acres in a very small town.  Well, it was not in town.... it was down the highway from town.  My dad worked in a bakery for a while, and then he worked at a drainage supply company of some sort.  Can't remember the name.  My mom stayed home for a while, taking care of us and the farm.  She drove our school bus once we started going to school and then when we were all in school full day (after kinder) she bought the country store in town.  It was a great childhood.

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