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I'm trying really hard to get back on the horse with blogging. Not only I am trying to go forward, but I am trying to go backwards at the same time. My pictures are always dated, so I am going to try to post the appropriate days backward. It may not have all the fun quips the kids says, but it will be recorded. This blog is for my kids. I want them to have these memories. So, I am going to try to tell them about my childhood, and theirs too! I will have "Memory Monday" where I will write about my childhood. "Throwback Thursday" will be about things that were popular or in style when I was growing up. Dare I say, I actually had an idea for Wednesdays, but I already forgot it? I guess it's good that I am writing things down.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New years eve

We were given some AWESOME tickets to the Spurs game.  They played Utah Jazz and won.  We were on the floor only 10 rows back.  We saw lots of people we knew there.  We even got to go back to the "family room" where all of the players kids hang out.  Elaina wanted to stay in there and play with her friend Jessie, and Connor wanted to stay in there and eat.  He said the food looked GOOOD!
Jessica Kozak and I toasting!
I love this guy with all my heart.
Wow!  I still can't believe there are SIX of us!
Karla and I
Julia with her friends, left to right - Kristin, Lindsey, Hallie, and Julia
We toasted as a family after we got home to the new year, and new adventures!

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