Going forward.... and back

I'm trying really hard to get back on the horse with blogging. Not only I am trying to go forward, but I am trying to go backwards at the same time. My pictures are always dated, so I am going to try to post the appropriate days backward. It may not have all the fun quips the kids says, but it will be recorded. This blog is for my kids. I want them to have these memories. So, I am going to try to tell them about my childhood, and theirs too! I will have "Memory Monday" where I will write about my childhood. "Throwback Thursday" will be about things that were popular or in style when I was growing up. Dare I say, I actually had an idea for Wednesdays, but I already forgot it? I guess it's good that I am writing things down.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I took off it's horns

Tonight I was helping Elaina clean her room.  She loves her toys, and plays almost equally with each one of them.  Unlike the other two kids, who want a toy, that is the newest fad, and it only lasts about... one night. She has always had a deep love for horses, and has a ton of plastic, stuffed, miniature, you-name-it -she's-got-it horse toys.  She was rubbing this little velvet miniature animal on my arm, saying "horsey loves you".  "awww... " I said.  "Thank you".  Then I turned to look at the horse, which more resembled a baby calf, and it had two holes in its head.  "I think it's actually a cow, Elaina"  "I know," she said, "but I took off it's horns, and now I call it a horse".   Good enough, then.

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